Greenseed strives to maintain all appropriate assurance standards to ensure that its produce meets the expectation of its customers. CMI audit annually to ensure that all current food production standards are achieved. Greenseed endeavours to grow its crops and manage its land in the most efficient and sympathetic way that meets up to date environmental legislation and crop production techniques.

Greenseed takes its environmental responsibility seriously. It is our policy to continually improve our farming systems and working standards to meet our environmental, legal and social responsibilities. LEAF has provided an important framework which has assisted us to identify our environmental responsibilities and help us set our environmental and social standards to meet the expectation of our customers and stakeholders. As part of our efforts to maintain and improve our environment we :-

  • Plan our crop rotation and variety choice to minimise use of fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides
  • Maintain and enhance the structure of our fertile soils through sustainable crop rotation and well managed operations
  • Acknowledge our responsibility to minimise energy use in all of our operations
  • Minimise waste and recycle wherever possible

We farm in a sustainable, responsible and sympathetic way without jeopardising our productivity. We take our environmental and social responsibilities seriously, it is our policy to continually improve our practices and be sensitive to our environment. We are proud to be involved with the Kingfishers Bridge Project which has transformed 150 acres of arable farmland into a mosaic of wildlife habitats. One plant in particular the Water Germander can now only be found at Kingfishers Bridge.

We are a member of the following schemes